Specs and Pricing

Our standard lightweight specification is therefore:

  • Start with a standard roadster or FHC (convert to roadster body) and strip completely. Replace all rusty or damaged panels
  • Retain the basic steel monocoque but replace the following areas with aluminium body panels
  • All aluminium rear body section, boot floor, inner and outer wings, upper rear body panels and bootlid surrounds
  • Aluminium bootlid with LWTE vents
  • Aluminium roadster hardtop with LWTE vents
  • Aluminium doors
  • Aluminium bonne
  • Aluminium fuel tank with external quick release filler
  • Aluminium bucket seats
  • Removable safety cage
  • Mechanical modifications
  • Altered front suspension incorporating anti-dive geometry
  • Heavier torsion bars at front with uprated steering rack mounts
  • Koni shock absorbers all round,
  • Modified rear suspension as original, wider track, altered geometry, uprated rear springs, slightly flared rear arches
  • Limited slip differential with oil cooler
  • Uprated brakes all round with adjustable bias valve
  • Peg drive E Type lightweight Dunlop alloy wheels
  • High specification 3.8 litre engine fully balanced, lightened flywheel, uprated clutch, with cam cover breathers, oil catch tank, oil cooler, upgraded radiator, triple Weber carburetors or electronic fuel injection
  • All synchromesh Jaguar 4 speed gearbox
  • Free flow exhaust system in stainless steel
  • Aluminium radiator
  • All upholstery replaced in lightweight specification including aluminium seat shells
  • Body completely repainted throughout
  • Every mechanical part overhauled or replaced as required
  • All fuel, oil and brake lines replaced
  • New wiring loom throughout
  • Dynamat heat shield matting throughout cabin under carpets etc


The original roadster aluminium hardtops were riveted in place. We use aviation anchor plates to screw the hardtop to the body. This means that the hardtop adds strength to the tub but it can be removed when necessary with a small amount of work.

The roll cage or safety cage can also be removed.

Option 1

  • Dry sump lubrication system
  • Hidden air conditioning unit, basic model

Option 2

  • A full aluminium monocoque


Similar to C type pricing but dependent on cost of donor vehicle and specification, steel monocoque or all aluminium. Call to discuss your requirements.

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