Our philosophy and mission

Our Mission

To produce affordable high quality reproductions of Jaguar C Types and lightweight E Types.

  • Using traditional coach building and sheet metal working skills.
  • To the correct original specifications upgraded in a sensible manner to meet modern traffic conditions to a standard that gives the customer complete satisfaction and confidence in the vehicle delivered.


Our philosophy at Coventry Classics is to deliver to you the customer a C Type or lightweight E Type:

  • that you can’t get enough of – you just love driving it
  • that you will never have cause to complain about and don’t have to make excuses about to anyone
  • that is built to a very high standard of workmanship
  • that is built to original factory specifications but with acceptable sensible upgrades
  • that is built following a regime of continuous improvement
  • that is very reliable and comes with excellent customer support and warranty
  • Above all a car that we would want to own and drive ourselves – these cars are our passion.

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