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At Coventry Classics Ltd, we have remanufacturing the aluminium bodied Jaguar C Type with the correct steel tubular chassis and torsion bar suspension systems to the original design since 2002.

These beautiful reproductions of the fabulous Jaguar C Type sports racer are built to the original factory specification. Each car is constructed using modified Jaguar MK 7 / XK 120 components or parts fabricated from raw materials just as the way the factory made them back in the 1950's

The Coventry Classics C Type is designed to deliver to the owner the thrill and lasting pleasure of driving a true thoroughbred, one of the most beautiful sports racing cars ever built, the Jaguar C Type, a masterpiece and one of Jaguar's finest creations.

Our C Types are completely finished, ready to drive when you receive them. The availability of traditional aluminium coach building skills and the advantages of doing business in a small city allow us to produce a C Type of unmatched quality, specification and value.

Coventry C Types are seriously fast pieces of machinery and are built professionally to the highest standards by aircraft engineers. They are finished down to the last detail exactly the same as the original Jaguar racers.

Our objective has always been to deliver the highest quality of alloy body work and component fabrication together with an absolute dedication to engineering and mechanical overhaul of the highest order. Our C Types are not just beautiful, they are also extremely reliable and durable.

The Coventry Classics C Type features the correct torsion bar suspension front and rear, the correct body shape in aluminium, the proper period 3.4 litre XK engine, a chassis identical to the original except where strengthened for durability, the correct exhaust system and manifolds, alloy seats, and an identical interior. These cars are built the way the factory intended them to be built. They are a celebration of the brilliance of the original design and drive and handle just like the factory cars.

After winning Le Mans in 1951 and 1953, the C Type has become one of the most sought after automobiles to the true enthusiast. Coventry Classics have produced a product that will allow you to experience a C Type the way it was back in the glory days. Look over our specifications page and contact us with your requirements.

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