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The legendary Jaguar C Types, D Types and E types are widely regarded as some of the most beautiful sports racing cars ever built. Designed in a few weeks by Jaguar in 1951, the C Type demolished all opposition winning Le Mans first time out and repeating the feat in 1953, only becoming uncompetitive when the all conquering Jaguar D type followed in 1954 which then won Le Mans in 1955, 1956 and 1957. A direct development of the D type which won Le Mans in 1955, 1956 and 1957, the brilliant Jaguar E Type of 1961, the race car for the road with a top speed of 150mph, revolutionised the concept of high speed touring cars and in comparison to the average car of the day was like something from another planet. It remains one of the greatest sports cars ever made.

At Coventry Classics Ltd, we have been manufacturing all alloy bodied Jaguar C Type replicas with the correct steel tubular chassis and torsion bar suspension systems to the original factory design since 2002. Our C Types are completely finished, ready to drive when you receive them and are seriously fast pieces of machinery. Built professionally to the highest standards by aircraft engineers, they are finished down to the last detail exactly the same as the original Jaguar racers. They deliver to the owner the thrill and lasting pleasure of driving a true thoroughbred. We are now due to persistent demand constructing proper lightweight E types to the same exacting standards and original specification.

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